Learn how to identify and overcome obstacles to your spiritual growth.


Many Catholics don’t fully appreciate what it means to be a disciple, let alone how one grows in maturity and becomes more like Jesus.. That’s why Kevin Luksus wrote A Shot in the Arm—to help Catholic disciples better understand their discipleship and how to mature in faith. We recommend you read his book before going on to the twelve links at the bottom of the page.”

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Growing Everyday Disciples

To get started, here are five steps you can follow:

1. Read A Shot in the Arm: A Guide to Diagnosing and Improving Your Spiritual Health.  You can find out more about the book and purchase it through our Store.

2. Take the Spiritual Health Check-Up.
This self-guided inventory is a tool to help you identify obstacles and other areas of concern in your life as a disciple. You can find the Check-Up here.

3. Consider developing a relationship with a Catholic mentor, spiritual director, accountability group, or small Christian community.
While our website provides some support and resources, it is unable to offer the kind of close attention and direction that would benefit disciples the most. Everyday Catholic Disciple is meant only to complement the spiritual aids available to you in your local parish.

Mentors are those who are already on the journey as disciples. They are able to offer encouragement and point us down the road of discipleship through their example and experience.

Spiritual directors are primarily concerned with helping a person in his or her relationship with God. This has less to do with understanding the nature of that relationship and more about how to better listen and dialogue with God.

Accountability groups are composed of two or more people committed to following Christ who encourage one another on their path of discipleship through affirmation, teaching, and correction. Accountability groups are companions on a similar journey.

Small Christian communities (SCCs) are small groups of disciples who regularly meet together to form supportive relationships of Christian community and to help one another grow as disciples. While some small groups meet intermittently, SCCs commit to meeting throughout the year and are accountable to the pastor of their parish.

4. Consider using the A Shot in the Arm Companion Guide as a tool to help you reflect on your life as a disciple and to form a spiritual health plan. Available October, 2019.

5. Use the links below to find more resources.

The ECD website focuses on understanding the different dimensions of discipleship, giving ideas on how to live as a disciple, and offering encouragement for the journey. This page is dedicated to the first two of those goals. To find our inspirational postings, click here.


A Shot in the Arm is divided into twelve chapters, with each chapter focusing on a different area of the spiritual life. Once you’ve read the book and have reflected on your life, you may wish to go deeper in a particular area. If so, then click on the appropriate link below to find reading lists, videos, articles, and other resources. As we are a new ministry, it will take some time to build up our library so please be patient with us.

May God be praised!