The  purposes of the ECD Facebook group are fellowship, mutual support, and sharing of information between Catholic disciples.


Connect with other Catholic disciples through a Facebook discussion group.

How to Join

Click on the link here to be taken to the Everyday Catholic Disciple Discussion Group on Facebook.  You may apply to join the group there.  We’ll get back to you within one week with an invitation to the group.

Facebook Group Rules

1. The ECD Facebook Group is a closed group. You can participate by invitation only.

2. You are encouraged to post things that build up others in their faith, lead to constructive conversations, seek help or encouragement from others, and build friendships. Examples of acceptable posts include:
• Asking a question related to the Catholic faith or your life as a disciple.
• Sharing about something God is doing in your life.
• Sharing about something you are struggling with or that God is teaching you.
• Asking for others to pray for a need.
• Commenting on something found on the ECD website.
• Letting others know about a book, website, conference, or other resource that can help others to grow as everyday Catholic disciples.

3. There are many excellent and inspiring materials (e.g., videos, slideshows) available on the Internet that are appropriate for posting. However, we ask that members use discretion in limiting the number of posts they make to avoid flooding the site with so many posts that it no longer is conducive to communication among members. If this happens, the group administrator may contact you and remove posts that create clutter and interfere with the group’s purpose.

4. The ECD Facebook Group is NOT a place for complaints, gossip, self-promotion, argumentativeness, disparaging remarks, profanity, or anything that does not build up God’s kingdom and honor the dignity of persons. Any postings of this nature will immediately be removed by the group administrator.

5. Everyday Catholic Disciple reserves the right to remove any posted material it deems inappropriate without obtaining the permission of the author. Furthermore, participation is a privilege and not a right, and Everyday Catholic Disciple reserves the right to remove any member from the group whose behavior it judges to be incompatible with or antagonistic toward the group’s purpose.