To form and encourage spiritually healthy Catholic disciples who live for Christ…every day.


We see Catholics developing a renewed sense of identity as Christ’s disciples and a passion for their vocation and apostolate. Faithful believers will find a new sense of purpose and enthusiasm in their worship and mission and a missionary zeal to further God’s kingdom. Disciples will engage others spiritually in their families, parishes, and everyday encounters and discover previously unimagined opportunities to serve and share the Gospel. Catholics will intently seek the Lord and, through ongoing conversion, continue to grow more like Jesus.

Our approach is …

to help Catholics become everyday disciples,

who improve their spiritual health,

and then help others become growing disciples.

We have three goals:

To help Catholic disciples understand their calling as Christ’s disciples


To equip Catholics as missionary disciples

To encourage and inspire disciples to follow Christ



We believe Catholic discipleship is not static, and that disciples should continue to grow in their relationship with Christ and become more like Jesus … every day.



We are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and commit ourselves to practice what we profess.


Spiritual Health

We seek to promote spiritual health. We believe that spiritual wellness is not only defined negatively as “the absence of disease or sin,” but also in a positive way, that includes charity, humility, virtue, and the fruits of the Spirit.



We believe ongoing conversion is essential to spiritual health and growth.



We desire not only to increase knowledge but to promote practice and application.



We are passionate about our faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ.


Lay Apostolate

We seek to promote the lay apostolate as expressed in the vision and documents of the Second Vatican Council.


Equip & Encourage

We seek to equip and encourage Catholic disciples to live as disciples and to fulfill their vocation.

Dr. Kevin Luksus, M.D., is a Catholic family physician, author, and parish leader with twenty-five years of clinical experience and thirty-five years of experience as a lay minister in both parish and diocesan settings.


As a family physician, Dr. Luksus has used a holistic approach in the practice of preventive medicine and the treatment of both physical and mental health disorders.


As a Catholic lay minister, he has launched and facilitated numerous parish programs in adult faith formation, high school youth ministry, marriage enrichment, men’s ministry, discipleship, and evangelization. His particular areas of emphasis include mentoring disciples, parish transformation, and an approach to wellness that integrates family medicine, mental health, and Catholic spirituality. He has a certificate in lay ministry through the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana.

Baptized and raised as a Catholic since birth, Dr. Luksus had a life-changing conversion experience while in high school. He has a passionate love for Jesus Christ and continues to work to help Catholic disciples and parishes reach their potential.

Angela Saval runs the website design and social media management company for Catholic ministries called Catholic Assist, LLC.  She has a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and 10 years experience working in web development and design.  She designed this site. You can see her portfolio at catholicassist.com. She is president of a local chapter of Saint Vincent de Paul, active in pro-life ministry, Legion of Mary, and evangelization. Additionally, she produces/sings/writes music under the name Trust In Mercy. You can find her music in all digital stores and at her website, trustinmercy.world.