Book Review: The Diaries of Joseph and Mary

What would it be like to be the Son of God’s parents?

Answering that question could give us insight into how to live a holy life, develop a healthy spirituality, and be an effective parent. While, at first glance, the Bible doesn’t seem to give much historical information about Mary and Joseph, “The Diaries” demonstrates that we know a lot more than we think.

By Dennis P. McGeehan

Publisher: Dennis P. McGeehan

Published: 2nd Edition, December 14, 2016

ISBN-13: 978-0998490700

Genre: Christian Devotional

Format: Paperback, Kindle

Pages: 178

Review Rating: 4.5/5

Two-thirds of the book contains diary entries by Mary and Joseph. Although the diary is fictitious, the accounts are solidly based on biblical texts, the writings of the early Church Fathers, insights from holy men and women, and the author’s reflection on all of the above. Although this portrayal could easily be dry and superficial, the author successfully brings out the thoughts, emotions, and struggles of these two holy people.

The final third of the book, “101 Questions and Answers About Saint Joseph,” is a gem that provides a wealth of information and insight about Jesus’s step-father.

Critique: The book is well-written and easy to read. The author has done careful research and reflection on the material. Diary entries are brief and engaging. One can read the book in a single sitting or use it as a daily devotional. Occasionally, the accounts seem a little stiff, as the author is more concerned with communicating truth over entertaining fiction.

What I Liked: The diary provides insight into Mary and Joseph’s personality styles and useful details about their backgrounds and the circumstances they faced. The author isn’t afraid to answer difficult questions about the Holy Family. The literary device of a diary effectively combines narrative and spiritual insight and avoids the errors of producing entertainment without substance or a dull theological account without characterization and dramatic tension.

I learned more about St. Joseph from this book than I have from any other source.

Bottom Line: I recommend this book without reservation for anyone seeking to gain insight into the life and spirituality of Mary and Joseph. It also serves as an aid for personal prayer and reflection.

“The Diaries” is available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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