A Father’s Care

A present-day song of ascent inspired by Psalm 121.

Author’s Note:

Psalms 120-134 are known as the “songs of ascent” and thought to be a collection of Psalms sung by pilgrims as they “ascended” to Jerusalem. Psalm 121 inspired me to write “A Father’s Care” as a song of ascent for disciples on their journey to the heavenly Jerusalem.


We are children playing

Under our Father’s watchful eye.

He allows us to run freely about the yard

In spite of stones that cause us to stumble and skin our shins,

Branches that poke and pierce,

Bees that sting, and other biting things.

For these all belong to the outdoors,

And our Father means for us to play in His creation.


Although she busies herself with many things,

The healthy child never doubts her Father’s presence or His love.

As long as she remains within the hedge

And follows her Father’s commands,

She is safe from the Evil that seeks her life.

Should danger come near,

She need only to call her Father for protection.


Yes, trials and disease are sure to come,

But our time here on earth is brief,

And one day,

For those whom the Father calls His own,

All shall be well.


Let not the threats that seek to steal our joy

And lay upon us dire consequences

Divert us from our course or cause us to fear,

For the almighty God, Who made Heaven and Earth,

Will surely guard the souls of those who seek Him.






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