The Sojourner

A present-day song of ascent inspired by Psalm 120.

Author’s Note:

Psalms 120-134 are known as the “songs of ascent” and thought to be a collection of Psalms sung by pilgrims as they “ascended” to Jerusalem. Psalm 120 inspired me to write “The Sojourner” as a song of ascent for disciples on their journey to the heavenly Jerusalem. 


The golden field’s sway slows

While the sky’s orange fire fades,

Giving way to dusty clouds

Adorned with stars overhead.



Soon, the morning dawns and stretches,

Restored by night’s rest.

Blossoms buzz,

Dewed grass sparkles,

Hummingbirds chitter, and

And I am content with all I survey.


How it saddens me, then,

When I return to the world of men

To find that darkness remains,

Even in the bright of day.


Tongues slide carelessly over words,

Then eloquently twist meanings

To cast aside care and honor

In the pursuit of

Opinion and power.


Oh, how things change in Reverse-World!

A precious baby morphs into an expendable fetus.

‘Tis mercy to kill the unwanted and suffering.

Men become women—or something else.

Arms groping for freedom eagerly receive shackles.

Marriage and family become instruments

Of selfish intent.


On the altar of the public square,

One sacrifices anything

To the gods of science and politics,

Used as proxies by the Evil One

To blindly lure men into the quicksand

Of deceit, slander, and violence.


No stranger to insult or persecution

So freely dispensed,

I bear the marks of misuse

From both people I never met and

Those who call themselves brother.


The clock ticks away

As the masses rush toward oblivion,

Unable to beat the buzzer’s trumpet sound.

The final score nears a decision.


The Spirit then reminds me that

I am here only for a season;

Called to radically love and serve,

As I journey to my Eternal home.



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